Jazlyn Reeves           10

Felesha Johnson       10

Ed Downing               22

Joseph Harley, Sr      22

Jordan Wallace          24

Tess Newkirk             25

OIP (2).jpg

Vivian DeVoe                3

Jean Downing              3

Connie Massenburg     6

Alicia McCallum            8

Alverta Bethea             17

John Coles, Sr.             18

Marvin Jenkins             21

David Taylor                 23

Helena Warren             23

Carla Batchelor            24

I. Charles Williams      29

Virginia Tyler                30

Jeanette Wilson           31


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I. Charles & Chelsie Williams    2  

Happy BirthdayStevie Wonder
00:00 / 05:58
I Found LoveBebe Winans
00:00 / 04:10

The July August September  2021 Daily Breads are now in the church vestibule.

The large print July August September Daily Breads are now in the church vestibule.

Service is now inside the sanctuary starting at 10:00 AM.  Please observe the Covid protocols.

Bible Study is on the Zoom Application, If you would like to participate contact the church secretary at (757)826-4373 to get the link or
Pastor Williams at (757)254-4680.

Any member wishing to contribute something for the church newsletter, please get it to the church secretary
 by the 25th of the month.
Starting in October the Church Newsletter will be emailed to members who have email addresses.  Members who do not  will still receive theirs in the mail.  If you want to receive your newsletter by email, please notify the church secretary.

Tithing envelopes  are now in the Church office.

The Youth Ministry page now has fun games to amuse your kids and teach them about the Bible!  Have fun!!!!!

Any comments or questions about live streaming, please contact Pastor Williams or Minister Butler or Deacon  Massenburg.